Feb. 9, 2024

Today I’m speaking with none other than Alex Galt, the founder and CEO of a Dubai-based

proptech company Realiste. We dive into Alex’s background, how he got started at such a

young age, and the key to perseverance. Alex breakdown the founding of his company,

Realiste, and the advances of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to Real Estate. We then go on

to discuss opportunities in Real Estate to help you maximize your spending power, and much

more! Enjoy.


(00:00) Introduction

(06:51) Perseverance

(11:37) Building Real Estate AI Realiste

(16:01) Settling on Dubai

(21:46) Selling $150M+ in RE in 1 year

(23:01) AI Labour Concerns

(32:36) Geo-arbitrage Opportunities

(44:01) Where to Live?

(51:08) Realiste 2024: $1B Transactions


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