Dec. 22, 2022

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Dr Jordan B Peterson and Stephanie Davies-Arai discuss parenting and the pitfalls of compassion when linked to trans ideology.


Stephanie Davies-Arai is the founder and director of Transgender Trend, the leading UK organization calling for evidence-based healthcare for gender dysphoric children and young people and fact-based teaching in schools. She is the author of Communicating with Kids with a background in teacher training and parent support. She was shortlisted for the John Maddox Prize 2018 for the schools guide Supporting gender diverse and trans-identified students in schools. In 2020 Stephanie was an intervener in the High Court in support of Keira Bell and Mrs A, who brought a landmark case against the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service in a claim that under-18s are not old enough to consent to treatment with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. In 2022 Stephanie was awarded the British Empire Medal as founder of Transgender Trend for services to children in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list.


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(0:00) Coming up

(1:27) Intro

(2:40) When we dislike our own kids

(4:00) The importance of duality in parenting

(6:40) Optimal family dynamics

(10:35) Post-Freudian world, the dismay in peace

(19:43) Camps of discipline

(24:55) Parenting books, lack of scrutiny

(27:24) The terror in total freedom

(31:50) Sam Brinton, subjective truth

(40:00) Gender identity is the new counter culture

(47:45) Creativity and negative flux

(53:12) Twenge, self confidence, affirmation

(58:52) The folly of self consciousness

(1:05:11) Depression spirals

(1:08:30) Demi-Boys and unstable categories

(1:15:57) Anxiety, women, and social contagion

(1:21:00) Objectification and over correction

(1:27:55) The job of your therapist

(1:35:08) Compassion and the lie of self harm

(1:39:00) Facing the narcissism of compassion










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