Moral Complicity

Mere Fidelity

Feb. 6, 2024

Alistair Begg hit a nerve with Christians online when he said in public that it might be ok for a Christian to attend an LGBTQ wedding. Given his opposition to same-sex marriage, this firestorm brings to the surface many questions about the nature of moral complicity, scandal, fraternal correction, and just how a Christian is to live day-to-day in a world so at odds with the truth. All in all, a perfect topic for Matt, Derek, and Alastair to tackle together. Full show notes at Timestamps: Stable Emotional Life [0:00] An Everyday Problem [2:49] Meta Issues [3:55] For the Fundamentalists [8:04] Obvious Gaps [11:13] Sacrilege or Mere Paganism? [18:41] Fraternal Correction [24:58] Third Party Scandal [30:48] Naaman [38:59]

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