36. S01:E31 – This Ends Badly

Milkshakes Markets Madness | Brent Johnson

July 16, 2023



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Do you think the whole world is ready to rally around a new global reserve currency?

Do you think China and Russia will be the trusted financial powers at the center of this new regime?

Do you think this will lead to greater freedom and financial prosperity?

Do you think you know exactly how to benefit during the final hours of U.S. Dollar hegemony?

Think again…this ends badly, very few will benefit, and you are unlikely to be one of them.

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00:00 – Title screen

00:03 – Disclaimer

00:05 – Video intro (25 seconds)

00:31 – Buenos dias

01:47 – Temple of Doom for U.S. Dollar

04:18 – Backpeddling BRICS and dollar bets

06:26 – This keeps the dollar kicking

08:33 – Economics vs. politics

09:54 – When money stops

10:30 – Gold

16:01 – Currency Cartels

17:58 – Surviving a dollar collapse

20:50 – Stacking pesos

24:51 – Salutations

25:49 – Outro

26:03 – Disclaimer

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