Oct. 17, 2021

No Agenda Episode 1391 - "Clown World"

"Clown World"

Executive Producers:

Ally Elliott

Ocie Elliott

Sir Seth in Mina (and Deb)

Duke Walkman of Ohio

Sir Shawn, The Pit of Useless Knowledge

Brad Fox

Jon Alldridge

Sir Friday of the hotshops

Sir Scovee of the Piedmont

Justin Proulx

Jon Mutschink

Vann Betzel

Eva Kise

Michael Smith

Sethuel Whitney

Andrea Cody

Mike Neumann

Josh Persello

Sir Chris Cowan, Baron of North Austin

Associate Executive Producers:

Joe Weil

Salty Veteran Douchebag of Hells Canyon

Kyle McQueston

Buddy Arceneaux

Michael Haworth

Sir Dude named Jay Sheriff of the Portage Lakes

Dame Ashley, Lady of the Lake & Sir Bubba Hotep

Joe Bisesi

Rolando Gonzalez, Dame Sara + Maya and Alice

Katherine Walton

Jesse + Sarah

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Knights & Dames

Dan Friday -> Sir Friday of the hotshops

Sparky -> Sir Parky the Spotted Spook

Seth Jones -> Sir Seth of Mina

Anonymous - Sir Rotonin Patron Saint of the Hierarchies

Kevin Roa - Sir Double Tap

Dame Taylor -> Dame Taylor of the "Rising" Seas

Art By: Nessworks

End of Show Mixes: Thought Crime 33

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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