0.00000023: John Carvalho, Synonym

Changing the Tide

May 14, 2022

John Carvalho is CEO of Synonym. Synonym is building a model and tools to facilitate and accelerate the hyberbitcoinized future, which they call the "Atomic Economy." John and Synonym are working on Changing the Tide with some unique products. Slashtags will change how metadata on the Web is built and shared. Slashpay will incorporate Slashtags and standardize payments between two people who may hold Bitcoin on differing address types or use different Lightning invoice formats. And Blocktank is a new Lightning Service Provider service that will automate and monetize lightning node services. On top of this, they are making the code for these standards and products open source. Links: ‚Äč John's Twitter handle: @BitcoinErrorLog Synonym's Twitter handle: @Synonym_to Synonym's website: Note: Nothing in this podcast constitutes financial, legal, or medical advice. The content within is solely for educational purposes. Please consult tax, legal, or medical professionals before making financial, legal, or medical decisions based on what you hear. Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei Graphics: Kal Kassa Host: Jon Crabtree Producer: Jon Crabtree

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