July 28, 2020

Hey Podcast Messengers! Welcome to episode 37 of The PodQuest Show. I am your host Michael Neeley, and today I’m joined by one of the OG’s of podcasting, a podcast hall of famer, and host of three podcasts of his own, Rob Walch.

Rob was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016 and is the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He is Co-Author of “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” (Que 2006), an editor’s pick as a Top-10 Reference book for 2006 by Amazon.

Rob started podcasting in 2004 as host of the award winning podCast411 podcast, where he interviewed guests such as Quincy Jones, Walt Mossberg & Larry Kudlow. He has consulted on podcasting for Jack Welch, Tim Ferriss, and eBay to name just a few.

You can get more details about Rob at

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