Jan. 11, 2024

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2024 Podcast Hall of Fame inductees announced

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NEW FUNNY PODCAST, PGH DIVE BAR TALK — Two regular guys, DeVenzio and Tiny, look at the every day events of life a bit differently than most. No politics! No religion! Just a refreshing and comedic look at life.

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  • From Airwave: New York Daily News contains the top stories you need to start your day – with New York attitude.
  • The Top 11 is launched today from Caloroga Shark Media. Each week, it embarks on an in-depth exploration of a single topic, uncovering 11 fascinating facets of it. From the top Seinfeld episodes. to the top movie villains, quirky hobbies, mythical creatures, iconic album covers, and more, this podcast has a list and it goes to 11.
  • Infertile AF has joined AdLarge. The show dives into the messy, frustrating, painful, absurd and sometimes humorous journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby.
  • A new investigative podcast from APM Studios and Western Sound starts today. Ripple returns to the scene of major events to discover the long-term impacts that have been raging, unnoticed, for years. This season, host Dan Leone travels across the Gulf Coast of the United States to document the ongoing effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - which are still impacting many coastal residents more than a decade later.
  • Bloomberg launches Big Take DC today - a new podcast that shares one reported story a week about how money, politics, and power shape Washington — and the consequences for people in America and all over the world. The first episode later today features an interview with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.
  • Unf*cking the Future is new from climate scientist and optimist, Chris Turney and iHeartPodcasts. It contains alarming truths about our planet's health, then pivots to the innovative, sometimes bizarre, but always brilliant solutions that give us a fighting chance at a brighter and greener future.
  • Sketchplanations returns for a second season today - a podcast based on a set of weekly illustrations posted online that cleverly distil big complex ideas into digestible, bite-size sketches. The podcast share ideas and stories around a weekly topic.

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