Nov. 7, 2022

Mike (PTA) interviews Spinal Surgeon Dr. Abbasi about different spinal surgeries. 

Dr. Hamid R. Abbasi has performed thousands of minimally invasive surgeries, is board-certified with the American Board of Neurological  Surgery, and currently has clinics in Burnsville, MN, and Alexandria,  MN. Dr. Abbasi is one of the nations leading spine surgeons. He specializes in minimally invasive spine surgeries and is one of the most experienced surgeons performing the OLLIF (Oblique Lateral Lumbar  Interbody Fusion) procedure. He is the only Surgeon currently performing the MIS-DTIF (Minimally Invasive Thoracic Interbody Fusion).  

Inspired Spine Website:  

A Brief Natural History of the Spine- An Inspired Spine Story (Video) : 


0:00 Intro Song 

0:08 Dr. Abbasi Background 

0:46 What is The OLLIF Spinal Fusion Procedure 

3:51 Who’s a Good Candidate for OLLIF Spinal Fusion? 

4:47 What Dr. Abbasi Tries with Patients Before Doing Surgery 

7:04 Warning Signs That You May Need Back Surgery 

8:30 What is a Microdiscectomy? 

10:49 What is a Spinal Disc Replacement? 

14:23 How Long Should You Wait to Have Back Surgery? 

15:39 The Side Effects of Waiting too Long to Have Back Surgery 

16:54 Osteoporosis & Back Surgery 

21:07 Common Back Surgeries for a Compression Fracture 

23:49 Is Your Hip Pain Coming from Your Back, Hip or SI Joint 

25:39 SI Joint Surgeries 

27:57 Self-Test for SI Joint Pain 

29:15 Can you Perform Spine Surgery on Obese Patients 

32:15 New Surgeons Needed for OLLIF Procedure  

32:46 Expanding Inspired Spine to Texas & Other States 

34:00 OLLIF & Inspired Spine Information  

35:23 Current Inspired Spine Clinic Locations 

35:54 Ending Remarks

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