Nov. 20, 2023

In this episode, I explain a specific writing protocol shown in hundreds of scientific studies to significantly improve immediate and long-term health. I explain how to implement this specific protocol, which takes only four days and 15-30 minutes per day. I also explain the mechanism for how the four-day writing protocol affects neuroplasticity (brain rewiring) and brain function in the short and long term. I explain how these brain changes positively impact our physical health, including our system's immune function and thus our ability to combat infections, improve sleep, reduce feelings of physical and emotional pain, lower anxiety, and bring about healing from traumas. This episode ought to be of interest to anyone seeking better mental and/or physical health through the use of brief yet highly effective science-supported protocols.

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Eight Sleep:

Waking Up:




(00:00:00) Journaling Protocol for Mental & Physical Health

(00:03:06) Sponsors: LMNT, Eight Sleep & Waking Up

(00:07:16) Journaling & Confronting Traumatic Events

(00:11:25) Tool: Expressive Writing

(00:14:38) Morning Notes, Gratitude Journaling, Diary Journaling

(00:18:00) Tool: Consecutive Writing Bouts; Trauma Definition

(00:24:38) Low Expressors vs. High Expressors

(00:29:29) Tools: Language, Vocabulary & Emotion; Analyzing Writing

(00:35:02) Tool: Writing Session Tips

(00:39:31) Sponsor: AG1

(00:41:02) Positive Mental & Physical Benefits

(00:46:45) Expressive Writing & Immune Function; Brain-Body Connection 

(00:57:02) Sponsor: InsideTracker

(00:58:10) Neuroplasticity, Prefrontal Cortex & Subcortical Structures

(01:05:00) Structured Writing, Trauma & Narratives; Truth-Telling

(01:08:56) Neuroplasticity, Truth-Telling & Relief from Trauma

(01:15:32) Honesty, Brain Activity & Narratives

(01:22:01) Overcoming Trauma & the Brain; Stress, Emotions & Honesty

(01:26:41) Expressive Writing Protocol & Benefits

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