Feb. 11, 2024

Why is relying on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) liable to send your bank balance to the morgue? Michael Regilio joins us on Skeptical Sunday to find out!

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday, We Discuss:

  • Unlike police and fire departments, emergency medical services (EMS) are not deemed essential across most of the US — which means they're often underfunded and struggling to provide adequate care.
  • Insurance policies commonly omit coverage for EMS-provided ambulance rides, making them cost-prohibitive for the people who often need them the most.
  • Even the EMTs who staff EMS outfits are underpaid and can't usually afford to make use of them without going into the red.
  • Who profits from the status quo of the broken EMS system, and why is it so hard to enact the reforms necessary to have providers declared essential?
  • What can we do to educate and advocate for the overhauls necessary to make EMS viable for everyone?
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