April 6, 2024

“Banking is slightly illegal,” says world-renowned economist Richard Werner, who is leading the charge against CBDCs. In this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Richard teaches Glenn that “banks don’t take deposits, and banks don’t lend money.” That begs the question, “What do banks actually do?” This discussion may make you realize that all you think you know about money is wrong. That’s not all we don’t know about the economy. We also have no clue which banks make up the Federal Reserve, who created Bitcoin, or the real relationship between inflation and interest rates. But we do know that COVID-19 revealed a global concentration of power and probably paved the way for the tool dictators of old could have only dreamt of: CBDC. Before the appeal of Universal Basic Income lures you into implanting a chip under your skin, it may be time to consider whether or not America should follow the China-inspired path to one central bank. Perhaps, it’s time to consider what Glenn says about the central planners of our economy: “You’re in Vegas, and the house always wins.”

Learn more about Richard Werner and his book Princes of the Yen:


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