May 14, 2021

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr Gladden and Dr Young talk about Wearables (bio measuring devices)


Today’s show rundown:

  • So many people have purchased some type of wearable, but they do not know how to use it
  • Understanding the data from your wearable
  • Mark’s new Garmin for Racing – very exciting device
  • Gladden talks about the Value of getting a wearable – real time feedback
  • Some companies are rolling out wearables to their employees and seeing gains in productivity
  • When you are at home thinking about what would you like to perform better at – decide what you want – and
  • Rested Heart Rate – how monitoring this can help
  • WHOOP – looking at sleep mode
  • If you are concerned with things like Dimentia or Altzeimers – you will be able to see things with wearables
  • Heart Rate Straps are a far better option for measuring heart rate
  • Respiration Rate – what knowing this can do for you
  • What can listeners do / what is the most valuable information for you to know
  • Functional MRI of Male and Female brains – the difference
  • What gets measured gets accomplished
  • Sleep is another performance metric
  • It is the age of Wearables

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