Aug. 15, 2019

In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & returning for the return back to the known. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN!

Also Touched On:

Raw Power Fanzine 

DIY? Are you High? What else was there

12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg

Going to LA to see shows

The Stains and the car through the wall

Mad Society the SUPER little kids

“Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.”

The Circle Jerks like your tape

“We are already on the radio?!?”

Rodney On The ROQ

Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store

Making the first 7”

making the first lp

Smoke 7 comp

Experimenting right into drugs

Joining Wasted Youth

The Clubs stop letting punk happen

Citadel: Proto glam

Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion

Into the Unknown and back



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