MMO #109 – Putin Wing

Millennial Media Offensive

Feb. 20, 2024

Alexey Navalny was killed, the Political is point their fingers at Putin, the Mainstream blames House Republicans, but we’re pointing at the Calendar. An internation who dunnit!?!?  Think the sanctions on Russian oil are working? Wrong, The Bear is richer than ever according to the same media that told you it was on its last leg. There’s a shake up in Pakistan. NATO countries are digging deeper to meet their military funding agreement. Julian Assange is fighting for his life and the life of Journalism. Some Truckers are gonna stop dumping loads in New York City. All this and more in another fun and informative attack of the Offensive. (We’re not a militia btw.)


ART: Dame of the Absurd wins again! She took this selfie and turned into MMO’s sexiest piece of art to date!


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Episode 109


     Cheney on CNN

          NED played a major role in the Arab Spring of 2011



          Panel at Munich SecCon



          Firstpost Election Rigging



          ECB Digital Euro Pitch


     Oil and Gas

          Russia Evading Oil Sanctions

          More Sanctions

          Oil Company Profits



          Ban on Militias

          Biden at the Cookout




          Funny Trauma Over Breakdancing



          Trump Worst President Ever Among Academics


          Comer Hypes Documents Retained by Biden



$500,000 in Russian $ Transferred to Estonia for Benefit of Ukraine

     -proceeds from export restricted jig grinder seized en route to Russia


Indian Port Unions Refusing to Load or Unload Israeli Weapons


New US Strikes on Houthis

Ecuador Suffers From Deadly Banana Insect After Crossing Russia



          Wastewater Scan: Influenza A and B are high nationwide



          David Cameron Visiting Falkland Islands After Milei Comments


          Putin Calls Turkeyay Russia’s Most Reliable Gas Partner


          Interpol Busts 23


          China-Latin America Space Cooperation


          India Getting More Involved in Middle East


          Somalia Warns Somaliland Over Air Traffic Disruptions



          Dust Particle Study from Satellites


          Nukes in Space


          SpaceX New Launch Site



          East Coast is Sinking



          Julian Assange Extradition Case

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