Oct. 18, 2022

My guest this week is Texas Slim of the Beef Initiative. The Beef Initiative is a trade group focused on decentralizing and making our food supply more localized, redundant, and secure, as well as improving the quality of our food through pure animal protein and sound money, which is a critical input to achieving food security. We discuss the global food war, the transnational corporations that wish to disallow your access to animal protein, what their vision of YOUR food intake is, decentralized food sourcing, decentralized money, and how to win your future when it comes to food, protein, health and community. For more information on Texas Slim and the Beef Initiative, go here: For Texas Slim's substack, go here: Sponsor: Paloma Verde CBD ( ): Enter code BUCK at checkout for 20% off your order! Visit my website: Donate to the show here: Audio Production by Podsworth Media: Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!

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