0.00000029: Doug, BitRamp

Changing the Tide

Aug. 19, 2022

Doug is the founder of BitRamp, a service built on top of Azteco to onramp businesses and individuals to the Bitcoin network. Business owners and individuals can quickly set up a terminal and Azteco account to sell Bitcoin vouchers. Voucher buyers can then scan the QR code on the voucher with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet of choice to easily redeem and start using! No week-long wait times while an entity gathers and stores sensitive personally identifiable information from the person trying to obtain Bitcoin in a honeypot, in order to finally "approve" their ability to obtain an entry in the Bitcoin database. No account-based service preventing someone from storing the exact Bitcoin amount they want or sending and receiving exactly what the individual deems necessary at the moment. Ethical Bitcoin on-ramps through BitRamp and Azteco are Changing the Tide. And quickly. Links: ‚Äč BitRamp's Twitter handle: @bit_ramp BitRamp's website: Note: Nothing in this podcast constitutes financial, legal, or medical advice. The content within is solely for educational purposes. Please consult tax, legal, or medical professionals before making financial, legal, or medical decisions based on what you hear. Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei Graphics: Kal Kassa Host: Jon Crabtree Producer: Jon Crabtree

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