May 18, 2023

Jon Morrow was facing an existential threat to the future of his livelihood's existence. He needed to figure out whether Chat-GPT was truly capable of authoring content that surpassed his team of copywriters at Smartblogger. After hundreds of hours of testing, Jon found his answer and made his choice: embrace the future.

Jon has now published a book written completely by AI based on his exhaustive writing prompt discoveries, selling over 2,000 copies per week and a perfect 5-star average rating on Amazon. As Jon says, "You can only write a great prompt for AI if you truly understand the output you want. Because I’m better at writing headlines than 99.9% of writers, I can create a better prompt."

Today's compelling episode follows James and Jon as they break down the structure and rationale behind Jon's discoveries. You'll hear James generate headlines and draft outlines in real-time using the specific prompts and methods outlined in Jon's new book to breathtaking results.

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