Oct. 10, 2022

Our favorite atmospheric warrior, the intrepid Mitchell Joseph aka "Mitch the Orgone Donor", returns to Alfacast.  Mitch has been busy since we last talked, so prepare to be dazzled by what he will share.

"I've dedicated my life to creating and gifting thousands of orgone energy devices to the planet in an effort to help raise humanity's consciousness and end the planetary geo- engineering agenda."

Are Mitch's efforts actually re-greening the deserts of Arizona and mitigating weather modification efforts to manufacture drought & floods, while neutralizing chem-trail contaminants?  We've done our own Orgone research,  witnessed the evidence and had a few experiences of our own, so convincing us wasn't a hard sell. 

Perhaps the most grave issue facing every lifeform within in our realm is weather weaponization coupled with the atmospheric aerosoling of noxious synthetics and the overlay of microwave grids affecting our very consciousness.  We needn't sit back as hapless victims, and Mitch will reveal the technologies now critical to employ in every community worldwide.

As a consciousness-driven science nerd, I'm fascinated by the the work of the late Wilhelm Reich, the man credited with discovering the life force energy of the universe, which he coined as Orgone.

Mitch gives his research and the devices freely in what he refers to as his Matrix job. He does so from the kindness of his heart and personal resources to see the end to geoengineering, purposeful consciousness suppression, and the predatory practices of illegitimate authorities.

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