July 3, 2023

Are you tired of feeling like your faith is stagnant despite all your efforts? Have you been told to simply pray more or read your Bible regularly but still find yourself lacking a deeper connection with God? 

It's time to stop the ineffective actions and start fostering spiritual maturity through humility, responding to God's call, and embracing Christ-like habits. In this episode, discover the power of deepening your faith as a Christian leader and living a life of consequence directed at God.

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  1. Understand the vital role of spiritual development in the life of Christian leaders.
  2. Gain insight into leaders’ temptations and the importance of humility in addressing them.
  3. Foster unwavering faith by connecting with God's call and forming a deeper relationship.



Bryan Entzminger is a familiar voice in the Leaders Moment. He's been involved in the production of Leaders Moment and our sister show, From the Forefront, since day one. He's a podcast editor and manager, and the host of the now-retired Engaging Missions Show. However, his passion for faith and for high quality podcast production remains.

Today, Bryan joins us by taking over the guest interviewer's seat to dig into some parts of my leadership journey and what God's shown me.

When Bryan isn't editing the Leaders Moment, you might find him spending time with his family or at

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