Nov. 2, 2022

The deranged old pedophile that America calls their President is not the one in charge of the country these days, that much is obvious even to the most indoctrinated morons that support his administration. The decisions that are being made are happening behind the scenes by people that do not answer to the general public and were not elected to their positions.

There is a group behind the scenes that seems to want the same thing as the Biden Administration, and we aren’t talking about rainbow dildos for kids. The Trilateral Commission has been working tirelessly on eroding national sovereignty for over half a century and they have made tremendous progress in just the last two years with the selection of the Biden Puppet to sit in the fake Oval Office. Senior policymakers, business leaders, media mouthpieces, and academia indoctrinators are chosen to guide the Trilateral Commission to their eventual goal of removal of nations to be replaced by a one-world government that they control through the banking and governmental establishments.

With as crazy as things have gotten, it might be tempting to assume that Joe Biden and his administration have been failures at their job as evidenced by the disaster of the economy, multiple wars breaking out, and the massive border crisis, but the truth is that he has been fantastic at his job. The problem is that

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