Dec. 2, 2022

Kanye West is all over the news, but this is nothing new. “Fearless” soldier Royce White completely breaks down the plethora of layers to Kanye West and how he feels about West’s comments on Alex Jones’ “Infowars.” “I think Kanye has contributed some incredible insights to the discourse — especially to black people — as it pertains to ownership, creative control, and even beyond that. But I do think how he handled the Alex Jones interview wasn’t right. And it wasn’t right on a spiritual level.” “Fearless” contributor Delano Squires gives his take on the Kanye controversy and explains how it seems like West is exhibiting self-destructive behavior, dubbing him an “unpredictable soldier.” The BlazeTV host of “Relatable,” Allie Beth Stuckey, joins the “Fearless Army" and has an exciting conversation with Jason on what she’s most passionate about: family and faith. Allie is among the most fearless and radical individuals on social media, holding nothing back and taking full identity in Jesus Christ. Allie weighs in on Kanye’s mess and then tells “Fearless” more about who she is, including the pivotal point in her life when she truly decided to stand with truth in a culture that’s so hostile to it.


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