March 7, 2023

The journey to GREATNESS begins with believing YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

LEWIS HOWES is talking to you this week on the Ed Mylett Show about overcoming challenges and tapping into your own GREATNESS. 

Nothing could have prepared him for what he faced after his father’s near-fatal car accident and an injury that ended his pro football career after one season. Lewis has a remarkable story about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and finding a NEW PURPOSE in life.

We cover a lot of things this week, including…

🏆 Subconscious blocks rooted in FEAR, SUCCESS, and JUDGMENT

🏆 STRATEGIES to process the “I AM NOT ENOUGH” mentality

🏆 The difference between SUCCESS VS. GREATNESS

🏆 What are the COURAGEOUS questions to ask ourselves

🏆 METHODS for inner child healing and SELF-LOVE

Lewis ends with an emotional story about how his relationship with his dad changed over the years and how it has impacted him to this day, which really touches me as you know my father means the world to me! 

From start to finish, this is a POWERFUL hour about how you can take Lewis’s learnings around how he has overcome INTERNAL and EXTERNAL challenges and APPLY THEM TO YOUR LIFE. 

This episode will help you develop YOUR GREATNESS MINDSET.

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