March 30, 2024

“Foreign aid, welfare, that stuff is not working because it's robbing us of our self-agency,” says African entrepreneur Magatte Wade. She says there is only one way to lift Africa out of poverty, and it's not handouts; it's capitalism. Yet Black Lives Matter Inc. is made up of “self-proclaimed Marxists.” In this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn asks Magatte what would happen to Africa if we got rid of fossil fuels. Her answer: “We’re dead. We’re sacrificial lambs.” Magatte exposes the “people who claim to care about black people,” like Bernie Sanders, Cori Bush, and Elizabeth Warren, saying they “use us as political pawns.” But there is still hope, and the answer to poverty in Africa looks surprisingly like Walt Disney's original vision for Epcot. In the end, Glenn and Magatte reaffirm self-evident truths that have become controversial in 2024: Math isn't racist, the American dream is still alive, and capitalism frees people. 





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