March 14, 2024

Today’s Bitcoin news! 


After making another new all-time high today ($73,835.57) Bitcoin has dipped down to below $69k. This the fourth day in a row Bitcoin has made a new all-time high! Note, this pullback is natural and not surprising — we’ve been basically going straight up for 6-7 weeks and short breaks like this are normal. 


So far, the Pi Cycle Top indicator has accurately predicted all #Bitcoin bull market tops. At the moment, it's nowhere near printing a top signal anytime soon. Send it higher. POST:

BREAKING: MicroStrategy to raise $500 million to buy more #Bitcoin. POST:

Nik Bhatia @timevalueofbtc — This is how I’m seeing it play out: 

Are you mentally prepared? #Bitcoin. POST:

Just #HODL ✊. POST:

Jack Mallers: Announcing Strike Business, our new platform for businesses looking to buy and manage #Bitcoin. At its core, Strike Business is a service that provides your business a trusted partner for buying #bitcoin with cheap fees, reliable services, and no limits. 


Judge: Evidence Is Overwhelming, Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the creator of Bitcoin or author of the Bitcoin software, U.K. Judge James Mellor said after closing arguments in the Crypto Open Patent Alliance trial on Thursday. ARTICLE:

COPA @opencryptoorg: Justice Mellor found that:

  • 1) Dr Wright is not the author of the Bitcoin White Paper.
  • 2) Dr Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • 3) Dr Wright is not the person who created the Bitcoin System.
  • 4) Dr Wright is not the author of the initial versions of the Bitcoin software.
  • POST:


Globalism is creating a nanny-state where your "security" will only be given to you at the expense of your freedom and privacy. Here's a 60-second guide on how to turn the middle finger to that nonsense. POST:

“If someone is gonna print money to get themselves out of a crisis, then they’re robbing you without ever getting access to your bank account. The value of what you stored is under somebody else’s control.” - @BretWeinstein. POST:

Jameel Jaffer @JameelJaffer: A betrayal of the First Amendment and a great gift to authoritarians around the world, who will soon be citing this profoundly misguided bill to justify new restrictions on their own citizens' access to ideas, information, and media from abroad. POST:

Our LinkedIn group was shut down! GROUP:


“If a platform is a silo, a protocol is a river: no one owns it, and everyone is free to swim.” — @Snowden on #Nostr. POST:

Try #Nostr 🤙. POST:

Omg. It centers the user as the owner of their content and forces the platforms/clients to compete. This could flip the entire social monetization model on its head. POST:

corndalorian: You don’t have a #Nostr account. You have a key that signs events, and you publish those events, and then anyone who wants to read those events can do so by retrieving them from anywhere they exist. There’s no one to turn it off, there’s no account to suspend or restrict. There is simply information flowing to and from you and everyone else who uses it. This puts the power of speech back in our hands. POST:


Crowdfunding campaign: BTC Isla by Satoshi's Legacy. We empower individuals through Bitcoin education, fostering self-sufficiency while creating a vibrant local economy. WEBSITE:



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