Feb. 7, 2023

Good morning, Podcasters! I want to introduce you to a new podcast, today, from Arielle Nissenblatt & Tim Villegas.


Welcome to the Park! Trailer Park is a podcast that showcases podcast trailers. Whether those trailers never became fully-realized podcasts, were made as creative proof, are part of a larger body of work, or were created just for fun, they're welcome here at the park! On each episode, hosts Arielle Nissenblatt and Tim Villegas hit 'play' on a podcast trailer. 

Why the trailer park?

  • As a podcast discovery tool
  • To help creators get their projects funded
  • To create learning opportunities for audio creators

Listen here: Trailer Park: The Trailer Park Podcast (podlink)

Learn more here: Trailer Park: The Trailer Park Podcast (website)

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