Nov. 6, 2022

No Agenda Episode 1501 - "Under Salt"

"Under Salt"

Executive Producers:

Marcel van Dongen

Mark Shonka

Sir Moses

Maria Triantafylli & Mark Bucherl

Peter DeVries

Matt Vegdahl

Sir Mark Duke of Japan,

Japan Sea and all disputed Islands

Curtis Rose


Maksim Belousov

Christopher Willis

Paul Bowser

Mister Browne

Christopher Preusse


Micah Lovell

peter smith

Kiski Technical Services


Chris Marble

Chris Wietrzykowski

Sean Collier

A. K.

David Cox

Chris Hollman

Daniel Posselt

Brandon Tochisaka

Michael Cislo


Fizz Dispense


Joe Grillo


Sandra Ferreira

Herman Stuurman

lawrence abele

Brandy Lees


Tal Sales

Shaun Cavanaugh

Kyle Rank

Dame Trish of Detroit

Malmalabaduge Fernando

Paul Laster Black Knight Sir Lastro

darren blocklinger


Scott Barrell

Scott Smith

Jason Babcock

Andrew Spiehler

Jessica Barrett Fowler

Kendrick Hobbs

Tim DelVecchio

American Democracy, LLC

Associate Executive Producers:

S Andrew Vecci

David Wicker

Sir Sander Hoksbergen

Jason Petri


Talia Douglas

Brian Aguilar

Wayne Hymen

Rowan Pike Erickson

Carey Jackson

David Wicker

Sir Sander Hoksbergen

Jason Petri


Talia Douglas

Brian Aguilar

Wayne Hymen

Rowan Pike Erickson

Carey Jackson

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Title Changes

Sir Donald Earl of Mills -> Sir-fer Baron of the State of Jefferson

Sir Rotonin Patron Saint of Hierarchies -> Baron of the Mariner Valley (Mars)

Sir Moses -> Baron of Parts Unknown

Sir Sander Hoksbergen -> Duke of Switserland

Knights & Dames

Maria Triantafylli -> Dame Maria of the Greek Kingdoms

Ako Shiffer -> Dame A. Bell of the 445 Shades Pixel Art Club

Milla -> Dame Milla

Mark Bucherl -> Sir Mark of the Crossroads, Warden of the Greenwood

Tim Hertig -> Sir Maestro of his own symphony, Black Knight

Mike Turic -> Sir L.E.Phonts of have tools will travel of the nomads, Black Knight

Ben Truman -> Sir Truman de la Zouch (pronounced zoosh)

Michael Sean Becker -> Sir Michael of the Burbank Junction, Black Knight

Scott Reilly -> Sir Vayer of the Fantasy Realms

Matt Shellnut -> Sir Matthew Shellnut

Andrew Echternach -> Sir AndyDrew Knight of the Southwest Minnesota Archers, Black Knight

Jason Shiffer -> Sir Lee of the Polymath Engineers

Matt Vegdhal -> Sir Matt the Tolerated

Curtis Rose -> Sir Geothermal of the Surprise Valley Hot Springs

Maksim Belousov -> Knight Max

Paul Bowser -> Sir Bigdog of Bowser's Doghouse

Mister Browne -> Sir Alfred, Original Sinner & Edgelord of the Twilight Throne

Christopher Preusse -> Sir SpruceyUSA

Anonymous -> Sir No One The Great

Peter Smith -> Sir Strongbow Longfellow of the Last Frontier

Kiski Technical Services -> Knight of the Hole-Up-Kee"

Sean Collier -> Sir Sean, of the Hydrologic Cycle

A. K. -> Sir Yeah of There

David Cox -> Sir Dave of Western North Carolina

Chris Hollman -> Sir Chris or the Mortar and Pestle

Daniel Posselt -> Sir Daniel Posselt

Darren -> Sir Darren

Fizz Dispense -> Sir Nitrogen Lord of Gases

Herman Stuurman -> Sir Jan the Innkeeper of Amsterdam

Anonymous in VA-> Sir Charged

Kyle Rank -> Sir KR of NC

Jason Petri -> Sir Awl Soran, Knight of the Wire Phone

Christian Andrew -> Black Knight Sir Christian Coffins of

Anonymous - Sir Captain Caveman

Art By: Nessworks

End of Show Mixes: Clip Custodian Neal Jones - Sir Michaelanthony

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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