June 9, 2022

Andrew Kaufman is a medical doctor.

More specifically,

Andrew Kaufman is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist who received his training and degrees from Duke University, MIT and South Carolina Medical University. He says there are no such things as "viruses" and the "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" is a "manufactured event."

The conversation around whether or not viruses exist, appears to conjure up all kinds of emotions, and is met with resistance. My guess is because virology is a deeply entrenched paradigm, and it is what we were taught as kids.

A cult-like approach would be to dismiss dissenting views and, instead, to perpetuate a previously held belief. David Rasnick refers to this as the Tyranny Of Dogma.

The science is never settled.

Andrew joined me for a conversation about

  • viruses and what they are;
  • causation and indirect evidence;
  • observation versus computer modelling;
  • the origins of SARS-CoV-2;
  • and the causes of illness, if not viruses.


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