Oct. 19, 2022

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Bill Gates pushing ESG scores to help the energy transition to renewables despite the energy crisis it seems to be creating in Europe; Batya Ungar-Sargon asking Dr. Fauci if he regrets pushing for COVID school closures and lockdowns; late night comedy host Jimmy Kimmel suggesting that hospitals should let unvaccinated Americans die; Tucker Carlson discussing Gavin Newsom’s new COVID misinformation law that essentially makes it illegal to criticize Pfizer; Karine Jean-Pierre being dismissive about Joe Biden’s nuclear war comments; Jordan Peterson telling Piers Morgan what he would do if he were Vladimir Putin and why we can’t win the Ukraine war; David Sacks of the “All in Podcast” warning about Woke War III; MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell confronting Nancy Pelosi about the low midterm polling of Democrats due to inflation and rising crime; Kamala Harris dodging questions about running on the Biden 2024 ticket; Eric Swalwell releasing the “Lock Her Up” campaign ad which resorts to insane scare tactics and may end up being one of the worst political ads in history; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace talking to New York Times columnist Charles Blow about how all our political problems are a result of white supremacy; Anand Giridharadas telling MSNBC why so many Americans are making the wrong choice in the democracy vs. facism debate; some words of reason from John F. Kennedy; and much more.


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