June 4, 2020

My guest on today's show, Robert Slovak, devoted himself to the science of water after life-altering experiences. He took his astronautical and mechanical engineering degrees and decided to pursue the research of reverse osmosis with his brother Jack. The dynamic duo were considered the early developers of Reverse Osmosis technology.           After retiring from the corporate world, Robert left for Brazil to bring advanced water technology. While working in the rainforest he became sick with gastrointestinal illness due to unsanitary eating conditions in the small village. It was then he was taken to a biologist who had given him something called "" to quickly eliminate the affliction. Robert left the Brazilian biologist the following morning convinced he had uncovered one of the greatest medicines of history, an imported marine solution from Spain.           But Robert went on to do plenty more, as we discuss in our previous episode "". In that episode, we discussed: -Which water filter is best?-Should you add minerals to my water?-What Robert thinks about alkaline water.-What is structured water?-Hydrogen-rich water? -Deuterium-depleted water (DDW)?-And much more... In today's show, Robert and I decided to take a much deeper dive into hydrogen water, which I also discussed in very good detail with Tyler Lebaron of the in the episode "."         During our discussion you'll discover:         -Robert's history with hydrogen (H2) and water...11:15         -How H2 is unique among other compounds...25:18         -How H2 affects inflammatory pathways in the body...34:42         -Hydrogen administration methods...45:18         -How Robert used H2 to heal serious injury in miraculous time...55:37         -How H2 tablets work, and what to look for in them...1:02:45         -Proper timing and dosage of H2...1:12:04         And much more!         Episode sponsors: Kion, Joovv, Organifi, Powerdot

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