March 13, 2023

Strength to Strength welcomed Paul Garber to help us refocus our vision to better read Paul’s epistles in their historical context.

When we open our Bibles and read Romans, Ephesians, Colossians or Galatians, (or any book of the Bible for that matter) we must realize that these letters or books are part of a larger story, and that to properly understand their message we must read them as part of that larger story. The larger story is the entire story of human history from creation to new creation. But if we zoom in a little bit, a big part of this larger story is God’s covenants with Abraham and later the nation of Israel.

Through Israel, Jesus the long awaited redeemer and King, the Messiah, appears on the scene and announces the arrival of the kingdom of God.

Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ, and as an apostle his message expounded upon the message of Jesus. The Good News of the kingdom of God as promised to Israel. And through Israel to the whole world.

With this history and context in mind, we approach the writings of the great apostle Paul.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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