Is 2023 The Year of Adoption?

Future of Podcasting

Dec. 26, 2022

I struggle sometimes to explain Podcasting 2.0 (where they are enhancing the RSS Spec), and then I remembered HD Radio. When I had a new car, the radio in the car picked up additional advertising-free stations that were good. One dear vs. car crash later, and my car doesn't have HD radio.

Many of you may not even know about HD radio. For a while, radio stations were promoting it trying to get people to listen, but aside from cars, I'm not sure how many people are buying new radios today (I had to order one off of Amazon to listen to Football games that weren't shown on TV). 

HD Radio Video Demo

In the same way that HD is cool (from what I remember, a better "Deep cut" selection of music, actual DJs talking about the music, and zero ads), many of the new features being added to Podcasting are amazing. One feature called the Live Item Tag will alert you when your favorite podcasts go live to record. Currently, only Podverse has this feature enabled, but others will add it soon. 

Currently, the "Mainstream / Legacy" Apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon do not support any new features. Amazon has mentioned adding transcripts, but instead of using the ALREADY CREATED tag for transcripts, they are going to make their own. 

If you want to see apps that use some of these new features, go to New Podcast Apps


While HD Radio has been around since 2002. I know many stations announced it, but nobody was talking about it. There was almost zero word of mouth where I live. None of my friends rushed out and bought HD radios.

There is no "radio community" to pester Sony and other companies to "Make an HD radio receiver for my house." Are you listening to the radio in your house? If I'm listening, it is to a podcast. 

So this show is to keep you informed and to alert you that one day you will hear the call to "Rally the troops" and make an organized and concerted effort to approach apps, and media hosts to adopt these new features.


I put this show together in somewhat of a hurry. I skipped one of my own rules. If you need to explain your show's name, you picked a bad name. Consequently, I want to talk about the new features coming into Podcasting 2.0 along with other non-crypto, super technical subjects around the future of podcasting. So, for now, I'm leaning toward calling the show "The Future of Podcasting." This will also give me room to step outside the Podcasting 2.0 space.

I'm not sure what the schedule will be (or if it will be on an "I record when I find something" schedule). 

So don't freak out when you see the artwork change or the name change. I love this space and want to be more involved (without having to build a server for the helipad software). 

Stay tuned...


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