128 - Revisiting "Freedom Flotilla Coalition" Story

Hamburger Generation | جيل الهمبرجر

Jan. 30, 2024

‘Like’, ‘Comment’ or even ‘Share’, that’s as far as most of us go when it comes to supporting the causes we care about.

We meet Youssef Sammour, a young Palestinian-New Zealander who decided to do more in 2018. Youssef joined the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, sailing across Europe spreading awareness and raising funds for the people of Gaza, Palestine.

Listen in as he takes us through his journey, from his early onset belief in the cause, how he joined the Freedom Flotilla and his personal experience, and as we laugh and compare childhood stories of Palestinian ideas passed down through generations.

Please show support and learn more about the Freedom Flotilla Coalition through their Facebook page

This recording was between Youssef, Isra and Jamil in September 2018.

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