Dec. 5, 2022

In this episode, I explain how to use caffeine to enhance mental and physical health and performance, including the optimal dosages and intake schedules for caffeine. I explain how caffeine powerfully reinforces the consumption of certain foods and drinks—thereby increasing how much we like their tastes and seek them out. I discuss the mechanisms by which caffeine increases focus, alertness and mood and reduces sleepiness. I also explain many practical tools for caffeine use, including delaying caffeine intake after waking, intermittent caffeine use, during fasting, before and during exercise, and the use of theanine to curb jitters caused by caffeine. I also discuss the positive effects of caffeine on overall health and longevity and address several myths about caffeine. Since caffeine is one of the most commonly used substances (more than 90% of adults use caffeine daily!), this episode provides actionable tips for adjusting caffeine consumption to positively impact performance and health, including sleep.

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(00:00:00) Caffeine

(00:02:58) Tool: GLP-1, Yerba Mate, Satiety & Weight Loss

(00:11:06) Levels, Eight Sleep, ROKA, Momentous Supplements

(00:15:23) Caffeine Benefits for Mental & Physical Performance

(00:20:23) Caffeine in Nature & Positive Reinforcement

(00:26:44) Caffeine Effects on Brain; Reward Pathways

(00:29:55) Caffeine as a Reinforcing Agent

(00:36:47) AG1 (Athletic Greens) 

(00:38:01) Caffeine, Adenosine & Reduced Sleepiness 

(00:45:16) Tool: Caffeine Dosage, Caffeine Adapted

(00:53:44) Tool: Delayed Caffeine Intake, Afternoon Crash & Sleep

(01:04:46) Morning Exercise & Residual Caffeine Effects

(01:07:56) Tool: Theanine & Jitteriness; Fasting, Intermittent Caffeine Use 

(01:13:00) Theanine: Effects & Dosage

(01:18:41) InsideTracker

(01:19:45) Other Effects: Osteoporosis, Hormone Levels, Depression

(01:27:41) Afternoon Caffeine & Sleep

(01:31:45) Tool: Caffeine & Mental/Physical Performance; Cortisol & Caffeine Abstinence

(01:46:04) Caffeine, Performance & Menstrual Cycle

(01:47:27) Tool: Memory & Caffeine Timing; Adrenaline & Cold Exposure

(01:54:08) Caffeine & Naps

(01:56:34) Tool: Exercise, Caffeine, Dopamine & Positive Reinforcement 

(02:01:55) Dopamine Stacking

(02:06:04) Scheduling Caffeine to Maximize Its Effects

(02:08:33) Pro-Health Effects of Caffeine

(02:13:38) Tool: Sugar Cravings & Reinforcing Effects of Caffeine 

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