July 8, 2021

While the exact description and situation of financial independence may vary from one person to another, we simply define it as having your passive income be able to cover all of your monthly expenses. In other words, you no longer need to trade time for money and your money works for you.  And the great thing is it doesn’t take a 45 year career to do it. And once you’re there, attracting more money becomes even easier. Just like everyone else, all you have to do is start.  Here’s a preview of the six steps to financial independence that we used to achieve it for ourselves and also share with our own community of people looking to do the same.  1. Mastering personal finances. 2. Scheduling personal development. 3. Power of your tribe. 4. Set your goals and set up accountability. 5. Increasing your income. 6. Investing.  And above all else, have a strong “why” and start with that.  To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to: and join our waiting list      You can join us in conversations such as this one, and receive so much business related knowledge when you are part of our mastermind community.  SEEKING MENTOR-SHIP?  Join our Mastermind:   Send Us A DM On Instagram:  Diego Corzo: Felipe Mejia: #realestate #cashflow #rentals Email:

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