Nov. 4, 2022

Reminiscing about college food, Jess is an enthusiastic dancer 💃, Elsie celebrates National Fountain Pen Day🖋️ 😂, platform holiday support hours, creating for joy and what are you thankful for?

J&E reminisced about the food they ate in college. Jess went to a wedding - she’s an enthusiastic dancer. 💃 November 4 is National Fountain Pen Day and Elsie celebrates! 🖋️ 😂

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E&J discuss the idea of creating content for pure joy.

We’ll be recording our Thanksgiving episode in a few weeks and would like your feedback! 🦃What are you thankful for? We’d love a voice recording if possible. Please send it to OR by Friday, November 11. Thank you!

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November 16 at 4pm ET, Elsie will be doing a follow up Twitter Space to get everyone back together for the Multilingual Podcasters Meet-up.

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