Oct. 27, 2023

Among the many unexplained events in history, the strange disasters of the mid-6th century stand out the strongest. Throughout the globe, a series of seemingly unconnected events occurred that have eluded explanation well into modern times. Plagues erupted, thriving cities fell, and entire civilizations abruptly ended as the skies became dark, blood rains fell, and a nuclear winter enveloped the world. Yet even at the time, nobody knew why. However, due to a strange intervention of serendipity, one researcher attending a lecture on tree ring patterns, of all things, stumbled upon a possible explanation linking all these events. A single event that led to an unprecedented catastrophe that marked the end of the ancient world and the beginning of our modern one. We discuss this history-changing event, hear how the Black Death is linked to volcanoes, how horses led to the destruction of the Roman Empire, and how population collapse led to the birth of Britain.

Then, for our Plus+ members, we consider the demonic nature of paranormal phenomena and unravel claims of occult influence in government weapons development, the rigging of the NFL, and why Rihanna's satanic-influenced halftime show is all a huge occult ritual.


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