June 30, 2023

Do you ever think about the children in your state who are currently in foster care?

Here in Florida, there are about 19,000 children living in foster care. That’s a lot of kids. And in that group, there are about 500 children who have no identified families. Can you imagine how scary and lonely that must be, to be a child with no family at all, and only the government to try to take care of you and keep you safe?

There are a lot of different situations that can lead to that. But whatever happened, it’s no fault of the child. They didn’t ask to be born into a family of addicts, or criminals, or abusers, or maybe just someone who didn’t want them. They’re already starting off life with a disadvantage. It’s not fair.

My guest today, Samantha, learned about the foster care system kind of by surprise. She and her husband, Jeremy, were living their lives and they had three young children of their own which kept them pretty busy. They were a happy family.

They didn’t plan to suddenly be dealing with the foster care system – or more specifically, a process called “Family Placement”.

And it all started with an unexpected phone call about a baby.

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Graphics for this episode by Bob Bretz. Transcription was done by James Lai.

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