April 25, 2023

Marty sits down with Peruvian Bull to discuss how the world will move away from the USD reserve.

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12:01 - Starting out writing on Reddit
17:48 - Is the dollar currently in its endgame?
23:02 - Weaponizing dollar against Russia hurt US
25:19 - Past the debt event horizon
33:45 - Bitcoin reserve
36:21 - Will BRICS BUCS gain traction?
41:06 - A great opportunity for bitcoiners
44:01 - Nations missing the Bitcoin bus
49:40 - Converting individuals to Bitcoin
52:02 - Why Latin America understands intuitively
58:42 - Suffering in the streets
1:00:51 - Price post-hyperbitcoinization
1:03:57 - Societal impact of hyperbitcoinization
1:10:24 - The next 3 months
1:17:01 - technical difficulties
1:17:59 - Dollar losing network effect
1:21:42 - Plugs

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