Dec. 6, 2022

In this episode, Mads Jorgensen shares real stories as examples of what he typically does when helping B2B, SaaS, and Manufacturing companies who were previously not getting full value from their HubSpot investment.

Examples include:

  • The European B2B software company who was not getting much more value from HubSpot than they would have using Google Sheets.
  • The customer with a large database of customer information who needed help to turn that into useful information on their target accounts
  • The common mistake of underestimating how HubSpot should be managed in order to create value and delegating tasks without considering the skills required.
  • Gaining quick wins while balancing short-term and long-term goals
  • When to multiply HubSpot’s value through careful choice of integrated applications.

And Mad’s key tip around planning: “Measure twice, cut once”


  1. 1:20 Problems to be solved: Scale in a more flexible way without fixed overhead costs, and take on projects & implementations that fall outside of core competencies. Mostly via HubSpot Platinum & Elite partners across the world. Or end users not getting the right support and not getting the value from their HubSpot investment. B2B customers, SaaS & Manufacturing.
  2. 07:10 European B2B Software Company not getting much more value from HubSpot than Google Sheets
  3. 08:24 Like getting a car: You need the driving license and training - or it’s technical debt.
  4. 09:42 Example customer with big database but not extracting value for target accounts
  5. 10:35 Enterprise products with a lot of power to tap into
  6. 11:45 Common mistake: See the monthly HubSpot cost but underestimate how to manage it to derive value. Also delegating tasks to those without skills.
  7. 14:02 Take a few steps back. Map out current customer journey , identify what is working and not.
  8. 15:32 What technologies are integrated.
  9. 18:37 Issue balancing short term goals and long term aspirations
  10. 20:02 Potentially opportunities in onboarding
  11. 21:36 The power of HubSpot is that it can do a lot of things but can’t do everything really well.
  12. Example, big team with calling, explore Aircall or Kixie. Reporting add Dear Lucy
  13. 23:52 “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

About Mads Jorgensen

Former HubSpot employee and now HubSpot freelance CRM Consultant for scaling HubSpot customers and HubSpot partners

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Your host Pete Nicholls is the Founder of HubDo, HubSpot Certified Trainer and Foundation Certified in Bidding and Proposals by the APMP.

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