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The Podcast Accelerator: How to Grow Your Podcast

Aug. 24, 2023

You know me, I don't sugarcoat when I feel that something isn't as good as it could be. And, with the world of podcasting growing and, in particular, the choices that consumers have about the myriad shows they can listen to, it's never been more important for your show to "get things right".

But what is "right"?

Surely that's subjective?

Yes, of course, it is - but there's little doubt that best practices now exist in podcasting and that there are objective changes that you can make to your show that will increase the allure, the stickiness, and the long-term shareability of your podcast and that don't take much to implement.

Join me and the wonderfully talented Mathew Passy, a long-time friend, and talented podcasting consultant, as we discuss the changes that you can make based on Mathew's years auditing podcasts across the globe.

Guest details:

  • Mathew Passy
  • Mathew Passy is the founder and former owner of, a podcast agency that helps individuals, brands, and small businesses develop, launch, produce, and promote podcasts. In addition to audio podcasting services, ThePodcastConsultant also offers video production, audio/video consulting and audit services, podcast launches, remote recording assistance, and more. He is a long-time New Jersey resident and lives with his wife Brooke, and twin children, Hailey and Hunter.
  • Mathew's Website
  • @MathewPassy on Twitter
  • Mathew's Facebook page
  • @mathewpassy on Instagram

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