Aug. 4, 2023

Is "physical matter' really a product of atomic elements conjugated into a fixed form & function?   On this in-house discussion we dissect a more plausible alternative to the conventional Periodic Table of Elements consistent with the predictable patterns revealed through Nature every moment.

"When we look at the stars in the firmament, we recognize the same pattern of birth, death & rebirth cycles that is familiar to us on Earth."  ~ Walter Russell

The element Gold has been historically coveted as a medium for wealth, while being esteemed for its medicinal properties and status as a Universal standard for good reason. 

Gold most purely conveys the Solar Essence and was brought forth in abundance through architecture and art in the first two Golden Ages for its raising affect to both body & Spirit of Man.  

Periodicity is the one observable fact undeniable to our senses, and when the transitionary state of the Elements is again recognized as the basis for Science humanity will for once and all time be free of the superstition of being held captive in a physical Matrix.  We'll highlight Transitional Gold (ORME) as an example of the Cycle of Creation, and how this knowledge can be put to use now.

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