June 10, 2024

Elections are gearing up worldwide, and it’s a critical time when citizens are standing up against leftist ideology. Will Americans do the same? Stu breaks down why some pollsters are now switching from Trump to Biden and why that shouldn’t concern the Trump campaign. Is North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) the most likely VP nominee for Trump? Blaze Media national correspondent Julio Rosas joins Glenn to discuss what he saw while in D.C. when an anti-Israel protest broke out outside the White House. Four hostages were rescued from Palestine during an operation by the IDF, but the media are more upset about the Hamas casualties. Host of “The Alex Jones Show” Alex Jones joins to discuss how he found himself owing billions in damages to the families of Sandy Hook, forcing him to liquidate his assets. Is the treatment of Alex Jones and Donald Trump the Left’s attempt to force silence on everybody in preparation for whatever happens this fall?

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