Hello to Spotify's new curation and moderation policies. Goodbye to Spotify's Greenroom creator fund and Facebook's podcasts.

Podland News

April 21, 2022


  • Buzzsprout - last week, 3,684 people started a podcast with Buzzsprout 

Notes & Links: 

1. Spotify Selling Vapourware Again!?

2. Gaming the Spotify Algorithm?

3.  Spotify Moderation ?

  • Spotify has quietly rolled-out a new misinformation policy that says it may hide shows, or in their words “restrict content’s discoverability”. NiemanLab has discovered the company’s new rules, which Spotify have yet to announce: and nor have they added them to their public Platform Rules page.

  • The Brookings Institution has written a new document that highlights current platform policies, describes how Spotify and Apple allow listeners to report shows, and suggests areas that policy-makers might focus on.

4.  Spotify Curation?

5. Goodbye Facebook Podcasts?

6. Buzzsprout YouTube Platform Specialist · Buzzsprout · Jacksonville, USA


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