030 - Learning to Distill

Behind the Pursuit: From Bourbon to Brand

Feb. 15, 2023

Fresh off of his graduation from Moonshine U, Ryan walks us through some of his thoughts on what he learned about the distillation process. We open up the dialogue on still types, craft distilleries, and in an era where anyone can seemingly make anything how you actually determine what you like. 

We hit on:

  • Is the Moonshine University program industry focused, or can general consumers able to go through the program to learn more about to process as well?
  • Did going through the class re-open the thoughts of variability in the process versus consistency and straight lanes as it pertains to the future of Pursuit Spirits? 
  • Would you have done anything different as you got Pursuit United off the ground had you had this type of information sooner?
  • How does one process the current wave of craft producers and all the avenues of flavor one can decide to take?

and much more.

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