June 13th, 2022. Why Inflation Continues to Rise Even Higher.

The President's Daily Brief

June 13, 2022

It’s June 13th. You’re listening to the President’s Daily Brief. I’m your host and former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright. Your morning intel starts now.

First up, Record inflation reported late last week, worst in 40 years. I’m going to explain how DC politics around natural gas and diesel are driving a big part of it.

As always, I’m keeping an eye out for developing stories. Put these two on your radar.

First, Wheat Wars: Ukraine’s wheat will not be getting out of the Black Sea. And it’s not because of the Russian Navy. I’ve got an important update this morning.

Second, Monkeypox: Well, actually that name might be changing. All because some scientists think the current name is racist and discriminatory. I’ll explain.

Plus, for my new listeners who saw me on TV on Friday, I’ll tell you where to find that brief on al-Qa’ida re-organizing to attack us.

All up next on the President’s Daily Brief.


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