Ben Boulware

The Clemson Dubcast

Dec. 11, 2021

Ben Boulware is in a state of mourning after learning Brent Venables is no longer at Clemson.

Boulware, who played linebacker at Clemson from 2013 to 2016, was the quintessential Venables player while helping lead the Tigers from being really good to national-championship great.

Boulware gives his thoughts on how Dabo Swinney is planning to replace Venables, and whether he even can be replaced.

He also shares some priceless memories from his time at Clemson, including seeing the "white foam" that accumulated in the corners of Venables mouth during games because of his constant screaming.

Boulware also shares behind-the-scenes details of him elevating his leadership in the days before the 2016 national title game against Alabama. A year before, casual attitudes from a few defensive players were recognized as significant factors in the Tigers' 45-40 loss to the Crimson Tide. Boulware took charge and demanded total buy-in from every single player on defense with the Tigers gathered in Tampa and preparing for the rematch with the Nick Saban dynasty.

Boulware gives a window into his personal life and says he's done a lot of growing over the past couple years. He considers himself a businessman now, running The Junkyard fitness center that is about to open another location at the old Astro Theater in downtown Clemson.

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