May 11, 2024

“We are creating a generation of young people who are sterile,” says Miriam Grossman, M.D., a psychiatrist who has refused to submit to what she describes as the “religion” of gender ideology. “They will be consumers of pharmaceuticals the rest of their life.” Many of Miriam’s clients fell down the rabbit hole of transgenderism during the COVID-19 lockdowns. They were “online 24/7.” When these young people turned to self-harm, the parents were afraid to hospitalize them, believing as Dr. Grossman does that “the adolescent psychiatric units in our hospitals are creating transgender children.” After revealing the role the American Psychological Association played in removing “disorder” from “gender-identity disorder," Glenn and Miriam discuss the now-discredited World Professional Association for Transgender Health and whether or not using someone’s preferred pronouns after “social transition” is as compassionate as everyone says. After all the unethical “therapy” hoisted on kids, the parents are left traumatized, after realizing, as Glenn says, “Our doctors are not to be trusted.”



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