Mike McDaniel: Authentic Intention

The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

June 14, 2022

Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep Mike McDaniel saw a lifelong dream become a reality on February 7, 2022 when he was named the 14th Head Coach in Miami Dolphins history. The Greeley, Colorado native parlayed a passion for football and a Yale education, both on and off the field, into a 15-year journey as an NFL assistant before assuming his current role. Making his first appearance in The Fish Tank, Coach McDaniel discusses the whirlwind that has been his first four months on the job (1:52), expresses the responsibility he feels players have to one another (10:25), and shares which stop on his coaching journey taught him to adapt his offensive system to his roster (12:45). The Fins head man also explains the role documentary films have on his approach to leadership (18:36), opens up about the responsibility of his job (22:30), and reveals his unique method of keeping players on their toes in meetings (28:07). Finally, Coach McDaniel candidly explains why he feels no pressure to conform (29:20), welcomes adversity (37:18), defines success (40:01), and attacks The Fish Tank two-minute drill like a man who has spent a lifetime finding ways to score touchdowns (44:17). Contributors to this episode include Sean “DJ Prec” Todd, Alex Bitchatchi, and Dolphins Productions. Theme song created and performed by The Honorable SoLo D.

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