April 15, 2022

“These ideas of communism and free-market collide, and they’re both communism over time. And that sounds harsh, but it’s a control structure. There is no free market, if there’s a distortion of money, because everything else is on top of that distortion of money.”
— Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth is Entrepreneur and Author of ‘The Price of Tomorrow’. In this interview, we discuss the distortion of money, how Bitcoin can herald in a fairer system based on truth and a free market of ideas, and the transition from scarcity to abundance.

- - - -

Bitcoin is revolutionary. More than its cryptographic protocol, monetary policy, and decentralised technology, Bitcoin is built on promulgating truth. It is feasible that a new economic paradigm is being built that democratises knowledge and information.

The old ways of spin, exaggeration, false equivalence, hustle, denial, and outright lies served the fiat system well during the 20th century. Being ‘economical with the truth’ became a necessary tactic of the game, employed by leaders of companies, institutions, and countries alike.

The corrosive effects of increasingly systematic subterfuge were inevitably going to counter balance any fallacious societal benefits. This has become increasingly clear since the beginning of the new millennium: events and shocks have chipped away at the current economic edifice.

It’s not that a new system would be beneficial to society, it’s rather a new system is required to enable the major issues of today to be resolved. Can Bitcoin be the basis of this new system?

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